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Maui Beaches and Napili Bay


   Whale Watching in Maui near the Mauian Hotel   

Every year, beginning around mid-December, the humpback whales migrate from northern waters to bask in the warm seas of the Hawaiian islands, enjoying their own sort of tropical vacation through mid-April. This is known as “whale season.” Whale watching in Maui can be an awesome experience, with adult humpbacks measuring some 40 to 50 feet and weighing in at around 40 tons.

Humpback whales are an endangered species and are protected by Federal law. It is illegal for a boat (or anyone else) to approach closer than 100 yards of a humpback  or disrupt the normal activity or behavior of a whale in any way. However, you can enjoy the beauty of these magnificent creatures from a distance, on land or by sea.

If you are visiting our Napili Hotel during whale season, you will most likely catch sight of whales spouting or breaching (jumping into the air and slapping the water as they come down) offshore. They are readily visible from the beach fronting the hotel. For an even closer view, almost every Maui boat operator offers whale-watching tours during this period. Many have a marine biologist onboard to offer insight during your excursion.

Whale watching in Maui is an exciting way to view whales, but be aware that reputable boat captains will respect the whales and adhere to the law by not approaching closer than 100 yards. So watch them, photograph them, admire them…but don’t expect to pet a whale!

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