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Hawaiian Culture


   Hawaiian Traditions and Culture at the Mauian Hotel   

One of the most memorable aspects of a visit to our Napili hotel is the opportunity to experience the unique hawaiian traditions and culture. You cannot visit the Hawaiian Islands without, in some way, being exposed to cultural traditions, whether it be food, dance, music, plants, language, legends, or arts and crafts. We are centrally located to many Maui activites.

The first Hawaiians came from islands in the central Pacific beginning somewhere around the 8th century. The Hawaiian population may well have been as much as 300,000 by the 1700s, spread across the islands. Four principal gods formed the basis of their religion, and today the stone foundations of heiau (ancient religious temples) can still be seen on Maui. The islands were left undisturbed by Western influence until the 1778 arrival of Captain James Cook, followed by the missionaries.

Today, you might hear Hawaiian being spoken, a language made up of only 7 consonants and 5 vowels—with each individual vowel pronounced in a word. You will undoubtedly experience hula during your visit. In ancient times, hula was an integral part of religious ceremonies and rituals. The graceful dance conveys a story or message through hand and body movements, accompanied by chant or song, and is still considered sacred by Hawaiians today.

George Kahumoku Jr’s SLACK KEY SHOW – Masters of Hawaiian Music is a Grammy Award winning concert series. George and Da Ukulele Boyz host a different guest artist each Wednesday at 7:30. Conveniently located next door to the Mauian. Call toll free 888-669-3858888-669-3858 for more information.

There are plenty of museums, festivals, programs, and tours that will immerse you in Hawaiian culture. And if you attend a luau, you’ll have a chance to sample poi—a staple of the Hawaiian diet for centuries. (Poi is also available in island grocery stores, by the way, if you decide you really love it!)

So take time out from your sightseeing and beachcombing to savor the essence of the Hawaiian culture that surrounds you. Local Native Hawaiians will appreciate you for being respectful and sensitive towards their culture, and the experience will certainly enrich your visit to Maui.

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